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- 23rd Jul 2014

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sick Again

I am sick as of now. Sadly, I have been sick every month. What is the cause? I don’t know… Doctor said it is the season for this kind of sickness. Wow that sure sound like Christmas .

Any other recommendations?
I asked the doctor is there a diet kind of thing to make my immunity system stronger? He told me to get multi vitamins. In which I did right after I visit him, I stop by Guardian Pharmacy to get them. Let’s hope it really works . I don’t like to keep falling sick like this. I would rather spend my day off at home healthy instead of being sick. So I found Blackmores’ Multi Vitamins... anyone else have any recommendation on multi vitamins?

The weather hasn’t been too good at all… also the season of falling sick is now… I hope everyone is ok and healthy. Drink more water and bundle up when it is cold at night.

ATB ~ The Autumn Leaves

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