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- 23rd Jul 2014

Friday, October 06, 2006

Get the Boot~

Has anyone seen a disappearing act done by your instant messenger? Well, I have. Just this morning when I wake, MSN Messenger booted me out and when I got reconnected again; my whole contact list is gone. Yes you read that right… it’s all gone, empty.

I want to know why as well. I have reported this incident to MSN. Eventually when I try to find a way to retrieve my contact list again; I see this isn’t the first time it has happen. A number of people have had encounter this problem from the past as well. That shows how stable MSN is huh? Well, on the save side… my advice, maybe you can create a backup for your contact list. Or in fact if you know any ways to retrieve or backup the contact list please let me know.

So, anyone reading this, please message me so I can re-add you to my contact list. Thank you.

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