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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Well Wishes for Mr. David Thong

That news of David sure isn’t comforting. Yes I just heard of it. Though I already knew earlier but did not think it that major up till there isn’t any hope on doctors. I heard of liver failure and cancerous went through the surgery and just admitted in the hospital for further checks. After I heard he was all well and out.

Yesterday I heard he is at the final stage of a liver cancer. Really not expecting that to happen at all. He is currently on some herbal thing to say that will cure cancer. My hopes for him to heal. Anyone who has another regime or want to visit him please do visit him at:
Selayang Hospital
10th Floor,D, Room 5B

Thong Thow Check

I would recommend of pill to him but I am not sure if it would help as it is already at the 4th stage. I will have to check with my supplier. But for now I hope he gets well soon.

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