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- 23rd Jul 2014

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Me at the Memorial Service

Was at the late David Thong’s memorial service tonight…

Walking to the parlor where he is laid in peace in his casket, before walking in I took a look at his picture and was holding back tears… took a walk round his casket… I honestly couldn’t and daren’t look at him. But Caren was there to support me through I took a look at him, still holding back tears. I couldn’t stay long anymore, I walked out of the parlor and was about to break down but holding back tears. Walked to the restroom with Caren, I shed a few drops of tears. Was still holding back tears… Left the restroom, sat down right in front of the parlor, looking straight at his picture, trying to avoid very hard not to look… cutting things short, the whole time I am there, I am holding back my tears. Allan (someone I just met whose a great friend to the late David Thong) came and a while later Tommy Si Fu came. Tommy Si Fu made the situation relieving to me with his usual humor side. Was less hard a job to hold them tears back. Finally leaving the place, reaching home… I broke into tears. Can’t really concentrate much anymore… even as of now typing this, the late David Thong’s image is on my mind, tears streaming down the face and listening to a mellow song repeatedly. Doesn’t really have any connection but the song is what I feel like listening to now over and over again because it is soft and just nice.


Although I never got to know you fully or better, but I never regret meeting you. At the times we met you have shown me you are a great person, but guess we were only fated to be acquaintances. If I get a chance again, I would change that fate and get to know you better. But I can’t now so I will have to wait until we meet again which we will. Just depending on when and where we are; either in the next life, or it be when I meet you in Heaven at the Pearly Gates.

But for now, May you Rest in Peace. You shall remain in my heart for as long as I live. Until we meet again, take cares.


HIM ~ One Last Time

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