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Friday, July 08, 2005

My First Creation!

Been playing with my Photoshop and Image Ready all night since 7pm. Now I am done with it and quite satisfied with what I did and here I am showing it to y’all… It’s an animation of my priestess, Guardinien from Priston Tale doing one of her skills, Regeneration Field.

*Please click on the image for the animation*

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What do y’all think? It is my first creation so if it is lousy hehehehe~…

I did also have a tutor teaching me on it. Thank you Ivan for that great tutoring ! Without him my animation would have looked jumpy from screen to screen… now it just looks nice… .

Not too bad for my first try in Image Ready eh?

Right! It is late, why wouldn’t it be after sitting here for so long making that animation … I am going to take a break from Image ready for the moment… once I have more good stuffs y’all will see it. Thank y’all for dropping by!

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