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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Articles I read today

From the newspapers, I found out that every seventh day of the seventh month each year, it is a day of romance for the Japanese which is known as Tanabata. It was born because of number of legends. From the source “A pair of lovers was forced apart and allowed to meet for just that one night in summer every year.” Awww… how sad could it be?

So it’s Valentine’s Day again… in Japan , why not join them in celebrating it too?

On the next page of that Tanabata article, we Asians or more like MOST parents don’t give their kids enough sex education! How true OMG! Make sure to teach your kids more sex in the future! They need it BADLY !

Who would have thought the expression “tying the knot” actually has a REALLY short story behind it – Roman times when the bride wore a girdle that was tied in a knot which the groom then had the fun untying .
There is more!
~ The tradition of bridesmaids wearing similar gowns to the bride was from ancient days when it was believed that evil spirits would have a more difficult time distinguishing the bride from the bridesmaid. (Woot?! Evil spirits? Get groom can? Then the bridesmaid and the bride can elope )
~ Juno, the queen of heaven is the Roman goddess who rules over marriage. The month of June take its name from her, making is the most popular month for weddings (Let’s all get married in June! )
~ According to the Guinness Book of World Records the longest engagement lasted 67 years. The happy couple eventually wed at age 82 (Wow! They must be really in love . HOW SWEET!!!!)

Interesting facts I got today. Very interesting! Well, enough of blogging for now. Been moving my icons around in my picture hosting site. I have to go fix up the other posties now so they look more interesting with them iconys . So for now, toodleloo! Blog soon!

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