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- 23rd Jul 2014

Sunday, March 13, 2005


1 one circuit of a track or racetrack.
2 a part of a journey.
3 an overlapping or projecting part. the amount by which one thing overlaps or covers a part of another.
4 a single turn of rope, thread, or cable round a drum or reel. a layer or sheet of cotton or wool, wound on a roller during manufacture.
5 a rotating abrasive disc for polishing gems, metal, and optical glass. v. (lapped, lapping)

So what does lap means to all of you? Well I went swimming with Caren at 3K at we were wondering what a lap means. Does it mean going back & forth is one lap or that going one end is a lap coming back is another lap? Do tell me .

1 painful involuntary contraction of a muscle or muscles, typically caused by fatigue or strain.

Cramp hahahaha I had that on my left calf when I was about to get of the swimming pool & call it a day. I was aching like mad… Thank God Caren was there. She made is less tensed up for me to get out of the pool & when I got out of the pool the cramp came back and I was it made me screamed like mad… after Caren helped me loosen the cramp we were both kinda laughing because when I had that cramp out of the pool I scremed like I was giving birth & Caren actually thinks it sounded more like when I am having sexual experiences .
After all that screaming of pleasure (haha pleasure) we left the place back to my house to grab a shower. Then we went out to Taman Megah, Ming Tien to meet up with a friend, Andy for dinner. We went for a movie after. Watched “Robots” and that movie cracked me up. Its so funny .

Yesterday night was a good night. I had so much fun. Thanks to them it was really a fun-filled night. I thank you both. *hugs* .

Linkin Park ~ My December

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