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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Latest Update

Rights here I am doing a blog after for so long. And yes my comment is still gone. I am still too lazy to put up a new one yet. So bear with me please .

Well, I am actually waiting for a friend to come online. MSN Messenger is down for me . I am not sure if it is MSN being down or is it just me. After I am done with my blogging, I am going to restart my computer to see how it goes.

Ah so eventually any of you miss me? Well, been quite a game freak as usual. My priestess got rank up to tier3, level 55 now . Haven’t shot any pictures of her lately… Will do later when I can & I will show you all how I look now. For those of you wondering “I thought you have to pay to play after level 39?” Well, here’s my answer… Yes I am p2p-ing. But I am not paying for it. I met a number of great people in there & they are paying for me. I really don’t want them to but they don’t want me quitting PT. If I quit they quit. We even argued over it. Finally they convinced me to let them pay for me. I was all soft hearted that so many people wants me to stay. I love them so much *hugs*. Drop that topic… Was already feeling bad having people pay for me so ergh… don’t want to go through all over again… But just so you know why I am in such high level now.

Well, work has been quite all tied up. Tonnes of things to do. Each day my day passes by quite fast because of the load that is piling on my work station. I don’t think I could see my work station anymore . Basically nothing much has happen.

Friends have been mostly missing. Only a small number are still in contact with me. How depressing? Ah well, eventually… take cares all! I am going to hit the shower now. Then probably go sleep early today . Been quite tired lately. See you all around. Until I update my blog next time, BYE for now.

Andrei Filat ~ Sweet Misery

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