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- 23rd Jul 2014

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Finally 7feet...

Did a lot of swimming today. I finally swam to 7feet of the pool. The first time I did it, I tried tracking on water… but nearly drown… thank God my colleague was there & he pulled me to the side. After catching my breathe I made a quick swim back to 4feet. Catching up with my breath & thinking what I did wrong… I was really afraid… that I did not dare move then… I needed to clear my mind… I went for a slow short frog style swim. Finally I reach to the thought… “Let’s do it again.” I know I can do it. Asking my colleague to come along, he followed me from behind. Reaching at 7feet the first thing I did was grab hold of the ladder handle. Then I slowly release the handle & did my water tracking. Wow did it work… Then I swam back up. 3rd time I went to 7feet I wasn't even afraid anymore. I know that if I felt like drowning the only thing I needed to do was hold my breath, relax & I will float up… if that doesn’t work then I will just have to swim back up to 4feet. Right now, I am smiling & smiling non stop because I know I have achieved something today & I am proud. My colleague who is learning swimming with me is so going to be jealous… Hahaha…

Aren’t you people proud of me? Though I drank a lot of water but I know that if I don’t drink water then I wouldn’t know where my mistake is. I thank my colleague was this success of mine. Without he’s ultimate support to push me to the 7feet I wouldn’t have the courage to go. Thank you!

Now to master butterfly style. Wish me luck!

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