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- 23rd Jul 2014

Thursday, March 18, 2004

What a Day?

Supposedly today I am to go to a dinner with Marcus & his colleagues. But after a lot of coming & going I am here at home now. In the afternoon, he told me to go to the bank to take RM100 for him & asked if I could take the cab to Kepong after work. So I told him why not he comes over to pick me up then drive me to the bank. He told me in a tone that we will be late that way if he does that. Then he added that his colleagues & he has made a deal to wait somewhere because he doesn’t know the way to Tanjung Gila. Then I told him since it is like this I don’t want to go. Such trouble why bother. Then he said, “You like. Is your choice, I cannot force you to go.” Then awhile later he messaged me saying that he will come earlier to pick me up & go to the bank. I replied, “Don’t need. You go have fun with your colleagues. Come pick me up so troublesome. Go through jam, some more you don’t know how to go there. You leave for Klang from Kepong with them easier.” Then he replied, “Just be ready by the time I reach.” I sent a last message “Don’t need. You go have fun with your colleagues.”
Just now at 5plus he called me saying that he would be coming over. I told him don’t need because so troublesome. Then he said, “Just get ready.” He hung up. I came home & bathe. Hoping he would apologize for speaking to me in that tone this afternoon. He called me twice & I did not answer his call. I don’t want to answer. I am mad. I want to make him come in. He did! Then he went out back to his car. I went to the car & he asked me, “What?” I asked him, “What are you doing here?”
“Just dropped by only…”
Then he asked, “Just got home?”
I asked him, “Are you coming in?”
“Go in for what? You go in. Come out for what?”
I kept quiet getting really pissed. He doesn’t want to say go to Klang for dinner or apologize for he’s tone (as usual). Then I walked into the house & came up to my room. Feeling pissed I thought okay lets him another chance. I got ready & then went to restroom & while there I checked if he’s still there. He has left. I sent him a message saying “You are gone. Hope you have fun with your colleagues.”
He replied, “I am not going anywhere. I messaged them saying I am not going anymore. FFK them as usual. Hate me. Hahaha…”
I asked him why he did that for. Now his colleagues will think I am the bad one asking him not to go. Why is he like this? Why is he always like this? Why would he have such attitude? I thought he has changed?
Now he said he did not go because I am not going & he has no mood to go also. Then he sent me another message saying that he did not go because they are expecting me & I am not going & that he doesn’t know what to tell them if he sees them… It’s my fault now…just received another message from him saying that I hid from him when he ask me what is wrong. The funny thing is he never asked me! Now we are taking faults. I guess it was my fault for not telling him that he hurt me with that tone. But would it make a difference? Last time he is like this, today he is like this.
This is so frustrating! Now I can’t get online! What is wrong? My usual online access could go through & I have to Marcus’. This isn’t a good day it is? I woke up this morning having my menses seeping through my shorts & on to my bed. It was 6am in the morning & I had to clean myself, my clothes & my bed. Already it started bad then this have to come along! Is today a bad for me?
I came home early, having a bad cramp got ready to go out with him if he apologizes. But now I am stuck at home, crying… with no dinner. Thank you for a great day. Let’s hope nothing else come along like a gastric. But if it does, who is there to blame but me? It was after all my fault for not telling him what’s wrong. It would be a punishment…Good night!

*Was I being harsh? Was I being pathetic & not understanding?*

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