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- 23rd Jul 2014

Monday, March 22, 2004

Election! Vote vote!

It has been a few days now since I blog. I honestly don’t know what to say… But well, BN won most of the states votes! Woohoo! They even manage to take over Terengganu’s trust in them. I van finally go to Redang in Peace… Hehehe… I am planning to go to Redang this year & if PAS & BN have a war going on there, I would have to miss out this trip there. Sigh… then I mar very sad lor. I know tough with PAS back then as the Government body, a lot of people were able to go to Redang as well. But just imagine if they have a close war, then PAS would want some recount or make chaos, then mar no more fun lor? Thank God!

Oh well, actually do I have the right to comment on this election thing? I did not even vote… I registered last month & I have to wait for the next 5 years before I can make my first voting. Wah then I will be 28 years old. Sudah Tua ar!

I actually have a colleague that doesn’t bother voting at all. I asked him today so did he vote. He answered, “Why bother? Go vote some more need to queue so long. Worst would be under the sun. I stay home sleep better?”
What kind of people is this? Do not care for their country or state… Mana boleh panggil anak Malaysia? Am I right or wrong? You tell me… then he brave brave say, “Aiya, less my one vote wouldn’t die one.” Gosh! That time I betul betul want to strangle him already. What kind of thinking is this? If everyone thinks like him, we are a dead country.

Today at the office I kena rasuah by BN supporter. Hehehe… I was given a fan with the BN sign on it. Boleh guna masa tak ada elektrik. So I told my colleagues, kena rasuah already means next election must vote for BN already lor… Hahaha…

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