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- 23rd Jul 2014

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Drown, Swim, Stuffy, Runny

First & foremost I would like to thank Milo & Pikey for the wishes of me to get well soon & I am well! Must those wishes… Hehehe… but I am still having this lump in my throat… wonder what it is. Must be the heat… Oh well, I am sure I would feel much better soon!

My nose is feeling stuff up now, no don’t get me wrong! My mom is frying luncheon meat for my eldest sister. All the smoke & oil smell is killing my nose… Even my room is filled with it… now where did my EXIT go? *Spray* Ahhh… this is much better.

I am finally going to Redang! I can’t wait! I am not excited because of the place but I am excited because I am going on a trip with my friends! That’s what makes me so excited! Other than that, I can’t wait to go on the trip to relax. Also I might be going to learn how to swim probably from next weekend. See how… Yeah, I do not know how to swim. How depressing… Hehehe… In fact I actually sort of have a phobia to water… I still remember I was about 6-7 years old, went to Port Dickson with my family. Went playing water on my own & with the strong wave knocking me down, I was stuck under water! I was screaming for help, kicking & waving but no body came to my rescue. I was thinking then “No one helping! Am I going to die in here?” then suddenly something pop into mind. I recalled my brother (or was it my dad) saying if I am push down into the water by the strong current, do not panic, relax & I will soon float up then I can save myself. With that in mind, it worked! I was saved & I am alive! Ever since then I was very afraid of being under the water especially when someone pull me down under the water. Oh well, but now I am going to calm my fear & go swimming! With me going to a lot of island lately, I want to be able to swim so I can go snorkeling & see all the wonderful things we can’t see from above water. I can’t wait to know how to swim! Woohoo!

Anyway, I got to go. All that smoke has made my nose stuffy & runny too. Great… Anyway, I haven’t clean up yet since returning from work… Hehehe… :P

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