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- 23rd Jul 2014

Monday, January 19, 2004

True True

Now I feel stupid being sad over not being able to new clothes. A few of my friends of mine actually told me that he/she doesn’t have money to even buy new clothes. He/she isn’t complaining, so why am I? He/she also mentioned that it isn’t wrong to wear old clothes. Of course I couldn’t agree more… but (Yes there is but) does our parents or elder people think so? Some might all so understanding & some are *yikes* “Must buy new clothes! Must wear Red! No dark colors!” Sigh… So some people are obligated to buy new RED clothes while some can just get away without any. I even have a friend whose parents are not superstitious that last year when he came to pick me up to go to his house & other people’s house for CNY visiting, he was wearing all black. The only thing that wasn’t black on him was his skin, eyes & tie.

Anyway, I need new clothes. Especially working clothes. Other than my mom saying that I should buy new clothes for CNY, my Admin is also saying that I should… Hahaha… Guess what I told her… I said “So many clothes, so little money.” I am sure she felt that. You people must be wondering why I told my Admin that & not the Accounts. Well, in my small organization, which is run by a family, the Admin in my company is the most trusted one & she decides our increment & bonus. So hope I get something gout of that. Hehehe…

Right now online… chatting with my mui & she is sending me a bundle of pictures of her new friend. It sure made my pc slower… Stupid Pc. Of course other than that I am surfing through the Swatch website. Amazing! Go check it out! Hope you enjoy it. I go to go now anyway. Need to work tomorrow & I need to regain my sleep. Good night all & sweet dreams!
~ ladyviral

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