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- 23rd Jul 2014

Wednesday, January 21, 2004


Reunion dinner, all the food… yummy! I had Curry Chicken, Roast Duck, Vegetable, Abalone (Blech, don’t fancy it), Pig’s Leg (Apologies to Islam readers) & Beef Soup! So right now I am FULL! I mean really FULL! *Bawl* How am I to sleep at night without nightmares. Hahaha… Macam masih Bayi…

Yesterday I went shopping in KL. Went to Times Square. Walking around looking for clothes. Man the clothes there are erm… no really my taste. When it is my taste, the price is just too pricey. But I did get my handphone casing. For CNY it is Red Hot. After that I am changing back to my Glacier color. Actually thought of getting new handphone but I decided to save the money & go for a trip in mid-year. Oh well, changing the casing makes the whole phone look new. No better choice!

I even went to Sg. Wang, BB Plaza & nothing could be found. Then when the day is going to end, I went to Lot 10. Walked in Isetan. Got my working top, pants & skirt from Padini. Pricey but worth it for it isn’t always I can find clothes that fit me nicely & it is comfortable. Then it is for working, will wear it until it is worn out. Hehehe… Return to my boyfriend’s house, have dinner with his family & we went to One Utama again. I got a top from Reject shop. No brand but who cares. Is only a top right? Then I got my cotton pillow! Woohoo! Finally head + good pillow = good sleep… ZzZzZzZ

Oh well, this year’s last minute shopping wasn’t that bad. I really am glad. All thanks to my boyfriend, who has been so patient with me when we are out shopping, even though he was tired but yet he still accompanied me to shop all day. Thank You, Darling! Muax…

Finally in another few more hours’ time, Chinese New Year is official! For those who is going visiting, Ang Pau’s, Ang Pau’s! For those just going out & have fun Hope you enjoy! For people like me who wouldn’t be anywhere, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! In fact, is a wish of GONG HEI FATT CHOI TO ALL!
~ ladyviral

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