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- 23rd Jul 2014

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I have been busy with job hunting;

and of course attending interviews.

So I didn’t have time to blog even when I am in between jobs now.

Last Sunday I started burning of a 38.5c fever.
Temperature was fluctuating; suddenly it was 38.0c then suddenly I am all right at normal body temperature. But today my temperature is retaining at 38.0c, coughing and feels like pulling my whole throat out.

But today isn’t about my health.

On the 3rd August 2011; hubs was acting extremely weird. Kept going on about something of some surprise which was weird! After some time of waiting for it at home, “the surprise” came. He presented me with “the surprise” and I was like speechless! I actually shrieked and hugged him!

Guess what he gave me?

Samsung Galaxy S II.

This mobile phone is like slim, sleek, vivid clear screen. Super amoled plus screen! Look at the screen color.
Don’t mind the picture, my camera was dying -_-;;

Why the surprise gift?

I have been using a HTC Touch HD for 2 years and of course no not because it is an old phone, in fact the phone was really good… but… yes there is a but… I dropped the phone at my office, face down and the screen *craaaaaaack* into pieces. Ah yes, my precious mobile phone screen cracked.

So hubs got me a Samsung Galaxy S II. My first Android mobile phone; making full use of it… downloading every free app I possibly think I need haha!

Thank you hubs for making me awesomely happy. ^_^v

Have you ever got a surprise that makes you awesomely happy?


wenn said...

wow, so nice of him..enjoy yr new gadget.

Small Kucing said...

wow!!!! great of him to surprise you with this!

foongpc said...

What a nice surprise! Enjoy your new Samsung Galaxy SII! : )

[SK] said...

oh so you are busy with job hunting?? all the best luck to you ya.. sure can get a better job :)

[SK] said...

hmmm, getting sick because too stressed up with job hunting?? haha, fluctuating body temperature somemore?? but i guess it's normal lah, our body temp might change a little with the environment.. anyway, hope you're all well now :)

[SK] said...

wow!! how sweet for that nice surprise huh?? a samsung galaxy 2!! that's a good one.. so you don't need your camera now lah, that new phone's camera might most probably be better, haha~~ :D

Twilight Man said...

Good hubbies are so rare these days! You are really lucky!

Twilight Man said...

You must tell us how this new toy is useful. I would love to hear them, ok.

Twilight Man said...

Why type of profession are you specialized in or wannabe? Perhaps many bloggers can recommend too.

eugene said...

After getting your Samsung phone, I am sure,you are feeling so hot again,,,,right?

Ya,android can do wonders,I heard,I have not "exploreed" it yet,my old HTC Hero is kind of old,my friends call me stupid that i did not use it to the max,,

guess i have to registrer gmail account first,kan?

take care and drink loads of water

lina said...

Get well soon!

And oh my! That's such a nice surprise for you. :)

ladyviral said...

wenn : Yep it is ^_^. I am glad to have him as my hubs.

ladyviral said...

Kucing : Yep. I was excited too! haha!

ladyviral said...

foongpc : Thanks alot! Definitely will enjoy it hehe~

ladyviral said...

SK : Yea been real busy... I never thought job hunting is also a huge task :p.

Not sure if it is the stress of job hunting anymore. People keep telling me it might be dengue T^T. I will go seek second opinion tomorrow.

Hahaha! True hor! The camera on the SII is way better than the old camera :p. But it is so slim... I scared to hold it sometimes haha!

ladyviral said...

Twilight Man : Yea it is rare to have someone like him. Lets hope he don't change hehe :p

The gadget is useful... I can immediately check my email on the go. Of course needs a internet connection, but so does iPhone! Alot of things can be downloaded from the android market. Of course make sure to read the review of the other users before you do :p.

I am trained as a Admin Executive, but looking to go into my actual profession of HR. Any recommendation in Singapore? :P

ladyviral said...

eugene : Hahaha! Flushed with happiness hot? haha!

While it is on warranty, best to use it to the extend hehee.

Oh yes, to have a google email is really useful for an android. You can actually back up all your contacts in the email. Dun have to worry about losing them unless google goes down... but what are the likely of that happening right? hahaa!

Eric Lee said...

OMG!!!! S2!! so nice!! hahaha hope u will get a good job and have fun with ur new

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Lady Viral, have fun, and happy hours....
Remember to go sleep, ha ha.
Best regards.