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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

$$ Money $$

I have been storing all my coins in my Pringles can for some time now... Yes, a Pringles Can is my “piggy bank” haha.

Each time I reach home after work, I will take out my coin pouch and empty most of the coins leaving only RM1 of coins in it to use during in need. So I managed to save a whole can of coins. It was filling up so much that I can barely keep anymore coins in it. So I decided to pour them all out and count them to bring it off to change for Ringgits.

Here’s the bundle of my coins.

Money save regardless of the amount… is money earned.

With coins saved;
We get dollars. Ooooh money sign!

I played around a bit with the coins, I made a KLCC hahaha!

I tried to make a standing KLCC but of course I failed and he became all a bundle of coins again :P.

After all the counting, I managed to get RM140 out of it! Wow! I was RM140 richer that day haha!

What do you do with your excess coins? Do you keep and save them like I do?


reanaclaire said...

wah..not bad.. can buy a nice dress or blouse.. hehehe.. it is like this simpulan bahasa.. sikit sikut jadi bukit..

Tekkaus said...

So how much is this LV? Can share some or not?

Anonymous said...

I don't drop my coins into a piggy bank. I eventually end up using those coins.

wenn said...

i keep mine in pringles can too. yet to pour out and count!

lina said...

how nice to get to play with money. :D

smallkucing said...

LOL Orang kaya la now :p

ya...we throwinto some container too.

foongpc said...

Wah! So much coins! I also keep my coins in a bottle, cos I don't like to carry coins with me!

Shingo T said...

The fastest way to get rid of loose change is to change it at the local bank.

The other way is to donate them.

lechua said...

great job on the dollar sign!! looks pretty neat!

levian said...

that is one big collection of "pringles" coins! XD i stopped saving coins when counting them became too tedious every time. i use them or change them with someone who prefer coins (like my mum). :p

Ayie said...

that's a fun way of playing with money! HAHAHA

Joanne MV said...

I keep them since it's still money and has value. The coins here in Manila are very useful when you shop in a department store and there are excess centavos on the price ;)