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- 23rd Jul 2014

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Tagged No. 2

I got tagged by яіи†akase. Now let us all see how can I do this without being mean :P.

1. Who are you?
You’re at my blog reading so who do you think I am? Definitely not Michael Jackson though :P.

2. Who is more important to you? Friends or boy/girlfriend?
None of the above! I am more important! Without me there is no such things as my friends or boy / girlfriend anyway haha.

3. How often do you think of committing suicide?
Does thinking of killing someone and make it look like a suicide count?

4. Do you think you have enough confidence?
I will say it is average, I can’t be overconfident else my nose will be too high up in the skies.

5. How many babies you want?
Wei wei, I am not even married yet… don’t need think so far yet lah.

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
Rainbow after rain? With the haze in Malaysia?! What rainbow? Sun also got problem seeing.

7. What is your goal for this year?
No World Cup. No Goal :P.

8. Do you believe in eternity love?
Eternity love? Wait let me go find my dictionary for that.

9. What's a perfect boy/girlfriend like to you? (List 10)
There is such a thing called perfect boy / girlfriend? Wait let me search the dictionary for this too while I am at the Eternity love as well.

10. What feeling do you love most?
What feeling we love the most, we still have to go on… no diff.

11. What are the requirements you wish from the other half?
Erm… er… cook for me? Hahaha.

12. Is there anything you wanna tell the people you hate?
Hatred is not good… so don’t hate me cause I don’t hate you.

13. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
Of course I do! Every single one of them including those I met through the world of internet!

14. What does flying mean to you?
SUPERMAN! Oh wait it should be SUPERGIRL!

5. What do you crave for the most currently?
Beef! Always Beef!

16. Who's hotter? Chace Crawford or Kevin Peake?
Jackson Rathbone is hotter! Who is Jackson Rathbone you ask? Twillight – Jasper. But then again, I am hotter than any of them (Dangit I love myself that much? :P).

17. What have you done to yourself make yourself happy?
This question don’t sound right. Done to myself or to make myself happy? Who does all this questions anyway?!

18. If time were to rewind, when will you want it to be?
If it were to rewind… won’t that mean I in a Tape or DVD or VCD? I don’t want to be stuck in Twillight Zone!

19. What are your fear(s)?
Pig for getting to be in orgasms for 30mins! They are noisy ok? Though I haven’t heard them orgasming before.


reanaclaire said...

haha...the last one made me laughed... that is your fear? i tot many people are asking for that...i read it in the emails...haha...

foongpc said...

Haha! Your replies are funny! Luckily you didn't tag me with this one! : )

Ayie said...

had fun with your sarcasm routine +0 hehe i remember you saying with some tags you can just answer anyway =)

Anonymous said...

I like #6! You're a beef lover eh. You can always hint your other half to beef up his cooking skills :)

ladyviral said...

reanaclaire : Being the pig for orgasms with 30mins yes :P. listening to the pig having orgasms for 30mins no... Wouldn't it so noisy? hahaha.

ladyviral said...

foongpc : oh right I forgot to tag! hahaha.. blur blur me.

Not use to tagging.. but then again, believe it is up to you all to decide if you all wanna do :).

Thanks for the compliments~

ladyviral said...

Ayie : I love to do tags that can allow me to answer in anyway I want... I mean in the first place the person who made the tag was meant to find answers, I just enjoy making weird remarks with them :P. So mean of me haha.. but normal answering is boring @.@

ladyviral said...

Mei Teng : Hahaha.. yea... I thought that was the best answer I could think of for that :P. And since I came out of the house with hazey situation made me think of it :P.

Beef up his cooking? Sadly can't have beef in his house for religious reasons.

Ayie said...

i'm not good though in answering tags, sometimes I don't have much humor to give some light to the answers =)

Anonymous said...

LOL @ 19!!! XD

ladyviral said...

Ayie : haha... well, I was never good either hence why I don't ever answer them properly :P. But as for it being humor I still can't beat a lot of people yet... *needs more practice* ^-^

ladyviral said...

kenwooi : rofl! Glad you got it! :P

Pete said...

Ha Ha Ha, your answers are funny! Made my day!

ladyviral said...

Pete : haha! I am glad it made your day.


Bengbeng said...

some unexpected replies in this post of yrs. :)

i dont know but in my part of the country i see rainbows quite often. sometimes it is a matter of looking out for it or being too busy to notice it :)

Brian Kinney said...

If the question ask you either BF or FRIEND, you can't answer something not in the choice list.

You cannot cheat :P

Ayie said...

hahaha so I'm lousy if you don't have much humor like that! hahaha

Life Ramblings said...

your replies are pretty hilarious. how fun. unfortunately, i don't have a good sense of humour to entertain ppl.

happy weekend.

renaye said...

but i have seen rainbows in malaysia. :)

ladyviral said...

Brian Kinney : shhhh! No one noticed! haha.

ladyviral said...

BengBeng : Oops replied the later one instead of yours.. mind is a hectic this monday morning!

Hmm.. guess I should of answered KL instead of Malaysia :P. Least I haven't seen them in ages!

ladyviral said...

Ayie : You are definitely not lousy! Don't degrade yourself :).

ladyviral said...

Life Ramblings : haha. Thank you!

Well, should try it out one day. I never used to be able to do this either, but guess got the hang of it after. :P

ladyviral said...

renaye : How long was that ago? Which part of Malaysia? :x

Brian Kinney said...

Pig is kinda famous eh? If you sleep soundly, people say you sleep like a pig. If you eat hungrily, people say you eat like a pig. Now if you have high sex drive, people will call you... you are a pig!


ladyviral said...

Brian Kinney : hahaha! HAHA! Now that is funny! Gosh guess everyone will be a pig one way or another. hahaha!

Sorry to those religious people who despise pigs.

Ayie said...