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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Singapore Trip - Dessert Bar

Singapore Trip, 5th June 2009, Friday evening;

Fiancé and I went out to meet up with his friend for dinner at Holland Village Market and Food Court. Didn’t manage to take the pictures of the food I ate there. So sorry, I guess I am still too new at this whole picture blogging thing haha.

Being his birthday, his friend bought him a cake from Swissbake.
This cake was so full of chocolate and it was too sweet in my opinion. I was told it was Raspberry Chocolate Cheese Cake (or something like that)… and I didn’t taste any cheese in it at all. So I went to check in their website for it… Chocolate Romance was what I found; exactly the same cake and my fiancé confirms it is the same one. I don’t even see any cheese in the ingredient haha. Duped… The funny part is his friend is a guy, and bought my fiancé a Chocolate Romance cake haha! Aweee, how romantic (so going to get hit by my fiancé for this) haha.

After dinner and dessert at the food court, we left to go 2am Dessert Bar to wait for my fiancé friend’s wife.

The ambience is very nice and relaxing.Good for people who is there for wines and all. By the side they got the bar and the other side is long couch thing for people to lift their leg up and sit like their at home. Didn’t manage to get the picture of those seats, too many there and I doubt they would want their picture taken haha. You can check their place out at their website. Click Gallery > The Bar > Bar Photo 3 and it will shows you the couch thing. The Mrs. arrived; we ordered:

Fried CalamariVery fresh Calamari, very nice tartar sauce too. It was crispy and delicious.

Selection of 3 Ice CreamsFrom left to right: Fruit of the forest Sorbet – This one was sweet and sourish. It was like all in one. Orange Blossom – this one tasted like flower tea not too bad. Blood Orange – Sourish all I can say. I liked the Orange Blossom the best. Everyone else prefers the rest haha. I am just weird or nicely worded, unique haha.

SGD23 DessertWould you take this dessert if it cost SGD23.00 only for this?
Haha... just kidding! This is just a chocolate biscuit from the ice cream we had. But imagine if it is really SGD23.00 for this only... you have to make sure it is coated in gold before you order it then haha.

After that we went to watch Night At The Museum 2.I find the first one funnier compared to this. I couldn’t laugh as much as I did to the first one though the Giant Squid and the Cherubs are funny hehe. This ends this entry.

Next up – Beef!


Bengbeng said...

23.oo no way i would cough up that much for that thingy :) I watched the original night at the museum. i normally dont like sequels. initially when i started blogging i used to bring cam around, nowadays i seldom do :)
getting bored of the whole charade :)

i love the ambience of that place n the food looks good

ladyviral said...

BengBeng : lol yea S$23! Even if it is gold powdered, I doubt I would also lah... so small can't taste anything anyway lol.

Well, some sequels are better than the first. Star Wars was better... But I think comedies shouldn't have sequels, it is the same plot in the end.

I have a camera with me all the time. My mobile phone is my camera lol. But I just keep forgetting :P.

Oh yes the ambience of the place is good. Good for wines and relaxtion moments.

molly said...

What a sweet memory.

ladyviral said...

Molly : haha! What right words to use! Yep indeed was a sweet memory

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ladyviral, wow, I have always loved Singapore. Used to go there almost every 2 weeks on business.
Love your pics and the food here.
So? When is the BIG day read of your fiancee.

You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

Cynthia said...

Hello Ladyviral.. visiting you in return.. thanks for dropping by.. :)

Anonymous said...

I like the name 2am Dessert Bar. I suppose they're open till 2am? :)

I like Holland Village...the last time I was there was yonks ago.

Your description of the orange blossom flavour really got me interested in wanting to try it out. Never tasted any flower tea flavoured ice cream.

ladyviral said...

Uncle Lee : Hi there Uncle Lee. Thank you for dropping by my blog ^-^. Yea Singapore is nice... least the air is cleaner (least i felt it is haha) and their public transports are much more realiable.

Oh the BIG day is planned to be this September. If nothing goes wrong that is. ^-^

ladyviral said...

Cynthia : hi there, Cynthia! thank you for dropping by :).

ladyviral said...

Mei Teng : haha.. I thought the same too.. 2am dessert bar :P. Going to their website confirms that they are opened up till 2am hehe.

Oh yes you should go give it a try when you can... it tasted nice, it was like green tea ice cream yet not like that.. I don't know how to decribe it haha. Maybe when you try it, you can describe it better than me :P.

HappySurfer said...

Ah, the long couch is a wonderful idea esp after a long hard day, eh?

Happy birthday to your fiance. Many happy returns. Thanks for stopping by.

Love the colourful flitting butterflies.

ladyviral said...

HappySurfer : hi there~ Thak you for dropping by my blog.

Yep the cough is definitely a great idea, too bad at that time, it was all occupied so we didn't get a chance at it.

Ooh, on his behalf; I say thank you to you :).
And thanks for the compliment on the flitting butterflies hee~

Life Ramblings said...

happy belated birthday to your fiance.

the Bar looks like an ideal chill out place for desserts. the couch is so inviting and you can literally fall asleep.

ladyviral said...

Life Ramblings : On my fiance's behalf, I say thank you :).

Yep the bar is absolutely a good place to relax and all. Oh yes the couch is inviting, I kept looking at it when I was there hoping someone would go off and I can like jump on it haha. I swear those people would think I kept looking at them :P.

foongpc said...

Happy belated birthday to your fiance. Wow! Such a nice cake! I love cakes! His friend so romantic one? : )

The 2am Dessert Bar looks like a nice place. Would love to taste those ice creams. I think I will like all the 3 flavours! Haha!

For a moment I thought you were serious! SGD23 for that tiny piece of food? No way am I going to order that! I can go Tenji buffet already! LOL!

foongpc said...

Btw, I don't like to bring my camera wherever I go. I don't know how some bloggers bring their SLR everywhere they go! Such a nuisance!

I used to take pictures with my phone camera cos it's so much easier to carry around and I carry my handphone with me all the time. But I found the quality of the photos not good so I decided to use a real camera instead.

Now if only they can invent a handphone camera that takes pictures as good as a real camera, I will definitely buy that phone! : )

ladyviral said...

foongpc : Hi there~ On behalf of my fiance, I say thank you to you :). Yea his friend is so romantic huh? haha.. I keep getting the "Noti" from ym fiance when I mentioned it to him haha.

Oh yes the place is so nice... Only if I wasn't sofull, I don't mind spending time there, just sitting around chatting hehe.

Hahaha SGD23 can go Tenji again! That time remember to bring me along! :P

Oh I don't have a camera. I use my N82 to take pictures. But those in Singapore are taken by my fiance's camera. Which he offered to pass it to me, I was reluctant because he misplaced the data cable and ask me to take his card reader too. I was like "huh? more things to carry? forget it" haha.

Yea I don't understand how some people can carry their DSLR around... people like TZ ans Mei Teng. I respect them :).

I believe Sony Ericsson's K series are good camera phones. Should ought to try.

Life Ramblings said...

the couch sure looks extremely comfortable to sit and sleep on.

i haven't watch this movie but i love ben stiller. I love most of his movies, he is hilarious at playing a dumb guy with major hiccups. :)

Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

wow the environment in that bar is so nice.. cozy and classy =)

ladyviral said...

Life Ramblings : haha.. now don't fall asleep looking at it :P.

Oh yes, Ben Stiller is a comedian. I like him in Starsky and Hutch especially.

ladyviral said...

kenwooi : Oh yes it is! I could fall asleep in the couch haha. To be honest, it looks more like a place where people go to have wines then desserts. But most people there go for desserts when I was there haha.

Ayie said...

I'm not paying for a dessert too expensive +) i'm not much of a sweet tooth and I love to eat nmore savory foods than induldge in sweet treats. The fried calamari, i like!

Haven't watched night at the Museum maybe will just catch it on dvd =)

ladyviral said...

Ayie : Oh I love savoury and sweet stuffs haha. Guess I ma a choosy garbage bin :P.

Oh just watch it on DVD. I didn't find it nice.. of course maybe you would find it better hehe.

Ayie said...

Good too busy today...hehe didn't get to reply to your email yet =) just dropping by before I sign know my routine =)

Pete said...

The Calamari looks quite large and juicy. Wow, the place is very romantic lorrr!

ladyviral said...

Ayie : looks i failed to reply some comments too.. eep.. been trying to catch with the new ones, I lost rack too. Been very busy at work lately with the exhibition coming end of this month.

But no worries about replying my email yet. thank you for coming by again :D.

ladyviral said...

Pete : Yea it was bigger than any normal calamari I have seen. Oh and yes the place definitely looks very romantic! I wonder if people ever sat there forever get high on wine and make out in front of everyone on that couchy thing hahaha...

Anonymous said...

S$23 for that? are you kidding? no way, i won't settle for that thingy..i'll go crazy if they gave me that thingy..
anyways,love the photos and the food looks very delicious..
btw, if you're looking for discounts/promo for Photos & AV , visit 88DB..