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Monday, June 15, 2009

Saturday Movie Outing, Sushi Lunch

Saturday, 13th June 2009;

My girlfriends and I went to Sunway Pyramid for movie. We bought tickets for Monster vs. Aliens for time 4:00pm. Then we went to have lunch. Sushi Zanmai was our destination (yep we always love sushi… and always end up gong back to Sushi Zanmai for it lol).

We sat by a table by the belt. Took some sushi from the belt, I don’t know what they are named but it was delicious.This one was meant to be 4 pieces a plate; friend was too hungry so she took them already lol. But this was an Ebi sushi with Mayo and ebiko on top. The ebi was fresh and sweet, it was good.

This is Salmon sushi with a sauce that tasted like bacon sauce. The taste of bacon was delicious, but covers the salmon taste (mind you I don’t know if it was even bacon lol just tasted like it to me :P).

Soft Shell Crab Maki.

Always a favor among us. The Soft Shell Crab is crispy and the sweetness just linger in the mouth.

Salmon Ikura and Chuka Ikado.

The Salmon Ikura was of course mine, my friends don’t enjoy Ikura, but yummy! The Ikura and Salmon blended so well together, both of the sweetness really got me… I wanted more! I didn’t take the Chuka Ikado so I can’t comment lol.

Salmon Sashimi.Never miss it for the world. I love Raw Salmon yummy!

Soft Shell Crab.Guess we are crazy for Soft Shell Crabs… now lets hope it don’t go extinct because of us lol.

Gyuniku Enoki Roll.Golden Mushroom wrapped in Beef. This dish is delicious, of course I love beef and golden mushrooms so… you know :P.

Ebi Tempura.Yummy yummy! The prawn is sweet! Even being in tempura, I still taste the sweetness.

Unadon.My friend decided for rice today with Unagi. It was so-so in my opinion… maybe because I am not a person to take bowls of rice when I am in a Sushi place.

Ebidon.My other friend wanted rice too o_o! What is with rice? Lol.

Yukimi Daifuku.Now this is one delicious dessert. The sweetness of the rice skin and vanilla ice cream, but make sure you all don’t order inside Sushi Zanmai. Buy it from Shinkojoya (or I think it is spelt like that, but you know the jap shop that can be found beside every Sushi Zanmai lol). Because in the restaurant it is selling for RM8.00 but outside is RM5.90. I was dupe. I ordered insdie because the last time I bought dessert from the shop, they did not have it. To my horror, this time round they do have it and way cheaper too.

After lunch, we went out of Sunway Pyramid and headed to PiCasso to try on some wedding gowns. Was meant to be there to look for a simple evening gown for my R.O.M. ended up trying wedding gowns lol.
On my way there I saw this!What? We are in China?! And there are this kind of phonebooth in China?! LOL. Ok it isn't Parisign uses this phonebooth to promote their signage.

Then to the cinema! Popcorns check! Drinks check! Tickets check! Ok Monster vs. Aliens here we come!The cinema was filled with parents and kids. Monsters vs. Aliens was hilarious. I especially like B.O.B. he is way adorable! Dr. Cockroach’s evil laughter is still stuck in my head. It is recommended to watch! We didn’t go for 3-D because my friend is wearing spectacles and the other is having a headache. Someone tell me if 3-D is good if you do watch it. I watched my in Digital screen. Very nice. This wraps up this entry.

Will continue on my Singapore trip next.


foongpc said...

Ooh! The food are so delicious! Drooling! I love unagi.

That China booth is unique! Haven't seen it before!

Haven't watched Monsters vs Aliens yet. Btw, your friend wearing spectacles can still watch in 3D. You just need to place the 3D specs on top of the normal specs.

ladyviral said...

foongpc : lol Yea China phonebooth xD. But I thought only UK has this kind of phonebooth?

Yea my friend could do that. But it would be uncomfortable and all imo. At least to me, cause I have tried before. But then again, cause the other was having a headache, wasn't really recommended.

fufu said...

wow... wish you have enjoyed all these j-food :]

i just can't take the sushi or sashimi or etc outside of japan... i am too strict on these food as i have been staying in jp for 5yrs and always eating the yummy one...

ladyviral said...

fufu : I sure did enjoy it. I love Japanese food.

Oh yea I know! I mean there is definitely a huge difference in the taste of Jap food here and Jap food in Japan. It is like the same of sayiing Malaysian food is better than Malaysian food in a different country. The origin country always make the food better than others.I can't wait to go to Japan to try them out lol.

Wow you were in Jap for 5yrs o_o! Studied or work there?

Pete said...

Wah nice outing and good Japanese Food!

ladyviral said...

Pete : yep it was! I had a good time out :). And of course Jap food was good ^-^.

Ayie said...

wow, a day with the GFs. I miss that =) my best bud is in the Philippines.

If i eat salmon, it has to be well cooked as in well done. I hate the fishy taste...hubs loves it though so we compromise. =)

love the foods except the raw stuffs! hahaha!

we watched the hangover last saturday and it's so funny!

ladyviral said...

Ayie : Yep it was fun. I see them almost every weekend lol. Chances are I won't see them again when I move to Singapore. So I treasure it now ^-^.

I used to hate fishy taste in Salmon too, but then I find it really sweet! Though I still don't enjoy eating most fish and prawns dishes.

Hangover. I haven't heard of it... I have been so outdated with upcoming movies lol. Only time I know a new movie is out is when I am at the cinema looking at their listings :P.

Ayie said...

Some movies here in US aren't shown in asian countries so that explains if ever it's not out there.

I love seafoods but I can't seem to fancy salmon. I baked one slab one time for my hubs and of course I baked it according to my liking. He'll enjoy it better if we eat it so it's ok. Can still taste that oily fishyness.

ladyviral said...

Ayie : Yep, and I wonder why they do that too.. then again I have local movies too which isn't shown in other countries lol.

Oily fishyness? I don't enjoy baked or fried salmon somehow. I find that it becomes way too oily to my liking. But when I have no choice, I usually just eat very little of it.

Ayie said...

hehe were you confused with the oily fishyness? I kind of taste salmon as oily and fishy..that's why. Not much oils when I bake salmon, I just brush it with olive oil and squeeze lemon or lime and season it then i wrap in foil. It ends up moist and juicy. But I'm still not too fond of it. =P

ladyviral said...

Ayie : lol.. well, I thought it was the whole Salmon being oily and all... I can't handle the whole Salmon being oily after being cooked thing... and I always don't enjoy lemon on my salmon much. lol. But the fishyness in salmon is ok for me to handle but not all other fish, weird huh?

Life Ramblings said...

Japanese food is one of my favorite cuisines and the food looks tantalizing indeed.

i think my kids would love this movie. I haven’t watch a light-hearted cartoon or animation in a long while. hehe

Ayie said...

we won't agree with our salmons if we were to eat together...i love the lime or lemon to neutralize the fishyness and i can tolerate more of other fishes than salmon *lol*

ladyviral said...

Life Ramblings : Yep it is.. only except my picture taking are still not good so it looks dull. Sorry for that...

Oh yes the movie is nice. Was alot of laughters. One good movie to relax with.

ladyviral said...

Ayie : hahaha. I believe we would have alot of quabbles over it :P.

Looks like we both are opposite when it comes to seafoods haha.

Ayie said...

hehe but i am not a picky eater we can meet half-way

ladyviral said...

Ayie : haha guess I need to change my ways badly :P. I can come by as a huge picky eater sometimes >.< etirely not my fault! :P

Anonymous said...

wow the sushi and tempura look good! =)

ladyviral said...

kenwooi : yep it does! I want the Ikura Salmon again now hehe~