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- 23rd Jul 2014

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Odd, Stress?

I used to hate eating alone… or go anywhere alone a lot. Oddly I noticed lately I have been doing a lot of things on my own. This is seriously odd. Am I getting old? Am I getting anti-social? Or am I isolating myself now?

It remains to be unknown. Would I ever know why? How would I even know? I also realized I get very annoyed easily too. I am sure my annoyance part is due to stress.
I am going through a module that I practically do not understand at all. Worse of all, I don’t even get what the lecturer taught. Great how am I going to score for this exam ?

Having this major headache currently that is like torturing me half to death. I don’t know maybe it could be me tired. I guess I should go sleep. In which I shall. I will blog again soon, when I can.

~ MP3 Player off ~

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