My whole body is aching~
- 23rd Jul 2014

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Scars, Condolences

I haven’t been blogging for a while now. A lot has happened… Life took another big turn. Trying to adjust to my new page currently, not getting very good at it though. I can’t cope… I can’t change… I can’t help my mom ease her burden . I feel so lousy… I can’t help her…
My back aches still from that muscle pulled incident. Now even my pelvic is aching… I hope it isn’t anything major.

Eerie~I found a scratch mark on the back of shoulder a few days back. I don’t know how it got there… and weird thing is the shape of it.

Whipped!~Look I got whipped at my arm! Oh gosh! !
Actually it isn’t whipped… I got burnt by the cooking pot when I was cooking . But it was hell funny when I showed it to one of my friend. He actually said “What you got too excited in sex?” You tell me does it look like I got whipped?

I would like to say sorry to Tommy Si Fu because I am unable to attend his father’s wake.

My condolences to Tommy and his family.

ATB ~ Everything Is Wrong (Repeating since Saturday)

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