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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Feelings Cafe Session

On a hazy night, Pikey arrive at my house about 9pm plus to pick me up for an outing to Feelings Café. With Caren and Chloe already picked up we start our journey to get Shirley and finally heading towards Sri Kembangan for Feelings Café session. As of the night Pikey became the thorn among the roses or he would prefer to be called the green leave in Autumn and to make it sound more grand, the first snow in Winter.

Am not posting the people’s picture due the blurriness… wait on it if I am hardworking enough to have it sharpen up by Photoshop then I will have it up. But warning, chances are slim. *lol*

Here are some snacks we had… Waffle with Honey and Cheese, Waffle with Ice Cream and Cheese. Well, the honey one went into the microwave and came out waffle and melted cheese. Did not get the proper picture of it before it got cut up on the surgery plate and went into baking . I don’t know about the rest of them, but the waffles were a disappointment to me . With cheese… shouldn’t the cheese be melted and not one whole piece on chilled down waffles (before one of it was microwaved of course) ?

Here are the pictures of the waffles:
Image hosted by
Waffles with Ice cream and cheese

Image hosted by
(After microwaved) Waffle with honey and cheese

Image hosted by
Both waffles together forever… *munches*

Overall other than the waffles being a disappointment, I had fun. The live singers were amazing. I have to respect them for being able to sing like they do… I definitely wouldn’t be able to sing like them… they should go for auditions . Thank you all for the great night. Let’s have such outing more often even if it isn’t to such places… I am sure “mamak” sessions would do as great.

For now, time for my game. See ya all soon. *huggles*

Lazard ~ 4 o’clock in the morning

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