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- 23rd Jul 2014

Monday, June 06, 2005

License to Kill, Donate A Hug Today

If I could kill I would kill… really… license to kill can? The guy is bothering me mad. I wanna kill him really. Even as of today, I am home early due to me purging, vomiting urgy-ness, feeling hot and cold with sweats suddenly… telling him I am sick at home sleeping he would still like call me infinity-ness times bothering me while I need the sleep. *RAWR* Now that would be fun . I want to go to Sunway Lagoon to ride at the dry park and slide down at the slides at the wet park. Caren! When are we going ?

Right I have been like downloading tonnes of trances. Blasting it now over my speakers. My mom and brother must be downstairs going “OMG can she lower the volume down?” No can ? Wheee so many trances to listen now! I am all excited because OMG! I just realized I miss trances so much. *dances*

So how is everyone doing? I no longer feel heavy hearted! *Rejoice* I guess I have let go of something that has been bothering me. But then stress remains because of the above mentioned. *GRRR… RAWR* I still need a big tight hug . Who can give me that? Please… I am in dire need of one . The more hug the better. Anyone… I need a hug . Donate a hug to Adeline today?

DJ Encore feat Engelina ~ Another Day

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