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- 23rd Jul 2014

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Been Away from Blog

Again I have been away too long from my Blog. *lol* Well, I am sorry for those who constantly drop in but see no update. Been quite busy with a numbers things lately. Work got stress & everyday when I reach home, I only want to play Priston Tale because it is somehow the only thing that relaxes me now. As those who know me, games take away whatever problems I have in my mind & release all my tension on it. So basically, I have been in the game more than blogging. So I apologize to those you have been anxiously & anticipating for a new entry all this while.

By the way, found out my comment host is going nuts. I am going to change my comment host soon. But for the moment please bear with it. I am sorry for the inconveniences cause to those who wants to put some thoughts in it.

So, nothing much had been going in my life. I have been going for “mamaks” with a few of my friends on the weekends. Its time I get out of my house once again. I admit I have been neglecting a lot things since I got to play Priston Tale. Well, then again… I don’t think much of people call me out anymore anyway. So I guess that is why I am home playing games a lot. *lol* .

Head has been going through a massive pain at the same spot recently. No idea why. But I suspect it is probably the lack of sleep I am going through. Lately, I can only sleep for 6 hours maximum. I keep waking up on my own no matter. I can longer sleep more than 6 hours. Funny. I don’t think I am that old till I am only able to sleep like my elders. Oh well, I guess it isn’t much of my choice. If my body chooses it this way. Then let it be.

Anyway, I am going to head to bed now. I am having this headache still & it is killing me shit. So I am just going to head to bed early tonight. So wishing all of you a good night & sweet dreams! *hugs*

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