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- 23rd Jul 2014

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Work... HELL!

Sigh… with the E form dateline coming soon; I am being rushed to work like a bee. The worse part of this is at 3 months I was asked to do this, do that & rush this today… I never have the time to get to the E form. Finally when the dateline is nearing they push me to do this. But that isn’t enough… they just can’t see me take a very short break. I mean a VERY short break. They will just have to give me something to do. Why is this happening? Well, let me tell you why. I am working in a company filled with FAMILY MEMBERS! I am sure you all know what it means right? If you guess hell… Yeah you are absolutely right!

They are always right, the outsiders are always wrong. They are always free; the outsiders are always busy… why? Because they always give us their job to do… they can chat all the way while we work like a cow at their jobs. Their people can even backstab us at things we didn’t do. Funny! But yet my boss who says he is a very fair person, who doesn’t side his family or anyone… believes his most trusted Administration who is also his sister-in-law 110%. What could we do? Nothing… When she was only an Administrator, it was already bad enough… now she has been promoted to DIRECTOR of the company. Yes you read that right! DIRECTOR! Now it is going to be far worse. She can fired anyone without confirmation/approval/informing the boss. May God help me…

I am planning to leave soon. Just waiting for the right job to come to me now. Then I am so going to leave all the work dangling like a corpse on a rope tied around the neck hanging from the ceiling fan. Let them settle the situation. Also I am going to take away every improvement I have done there. I am bringing it with me. Hahaha… Let them have a whirlwind headache when they try to settle the work of mine. I am sure they can handle it. They are professionals… Hahaha… my foot… all uneducated! Nothing higher than a diploma… I wish them best of luck!

All right, I have to get what I need done… then I need to bathe & I still need to get to work. Yup! I brought my work home today. If it isn’t because of the innocents, I wouldn’t have been so hardworking… :P~ I need to finish my E form so the other people can submit their J form. Till next time… Toodle Lu!

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