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- 23rd Jul 2014

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Just for Reading

“On the first day of Chinese New Year, my day was a lost, I went to my friend’s place, to gamble & then I lost about RM30plus to a young girl.

On the second day of Chinese New Year, my day was another boring day, slept at 4am, woke up at 9am & went to Carrefour with mom & brother.
After the outing of the second day of Chinese New Year, I came home & slept through out the afternoon.

Today the third day of Chinese New Year, my love is in Genting, having fun & I am not in the mood to be out. Not just be out, in fact, I am not even in the mood to talk.”

Well, that’s the summary that had happen. Sing it with me according to the 12 days of Christmas. I guess the song above shall be called 15days of Chinese New Year. Hahaha…

Something is wrong with me & I do not know what. I am being very moody. Don’t feel like talking or going out. I guess my morning/afternoon is so ruin. Handphone has no more jingle in it; my mood has no jiggy in it. Silence through, if this were at night I could probably hear winds blowing. Hahaha… then I would probably hear owl hooting, wind rustling the tree leaves, curtains floating & in the sky the moon would probably be full & bright.

With that, as the night goes on 5 minutes past midnight, I am reading a great novel by the fire as I could hear dogs howling (or are those wolfs?), owls still hooting, cats meowing & hissing, not a single peep of human voice & then suddenly a knock on your door. *Knock Knock* with the silence my heart skip a beat with the knock. With no body but I in the house, the empty like big house, I think twice to open the door or even walk towards it. *Knock Knock* the sound of the knock echoing through out the house. Lots of things running through my mind, “Who could it be at this hour? Or what could it be?” Finally I got my courage up to walk towards the door. *Knock Knock Knock* the knock got louder & frequent. I stop halfway from the door & from the seat I was at. Thinking should I grab hold of something in case it was mugger. *KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK* the knocking got more fierce like. Looking around for something I saw a baseball bat by the table near the door. I asked the person at door “Who is it?” no answer… I walked silently to the table, grab hold of the baseball bat & asked again “Who is it?” Still no answer… My heart beating like 3 beats per second, I walked towards the door, with the baseball on my right hand, I peep through the peephole & I saw…

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